Ten reasons to visit Zakynthos Island for your holidays! :)

  1. Zakynthos Island is surrounded with magical blue crystal waters.
  2. Zakynthos Island has clean sandy beaches.
  3. Zakynthian people are very warm, kind and friendly.
  4. Zakynthos produces the best local deep red wine calledĀ  “Augustiatiko”.
  5. Summer in Zakynthos is a never ending party, with dancing and drinks.
  6. Traditional food is awesome!
  7. Zakynthos hasĀ  remarkable sightseeing’s for you to explore such as castles, venetian buildings etc. Cool hah?
  8. For the lovers Zakynthos is the best place for romantic walks under the fullmoon.
  9. For the explorers Zakynthos has many magical “hidden” places to explore. Caves with blue waters, Green Woods with small rivers etc. Rent a bike and live the adventure!
  10. People who visited Zakynthos once, they always come for a second round!Visit Zakynthos to find out why. :)